Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sudha Chandran: HRX Heroes with Hrithik Roshan (3rd Episode)

The 3rd episode of HRX Heroes with Hrithik Roshan shared the story of Sudha Chandran. I am sure that Sudha Chandran is not a stranger to the world. She is an accomplished Bharatnatyam dancer, Indian film and television actress. In spite of knowing her story, it was so painful to see her narrate her ordeal and struggles. Hrithik’s empathetic, powerful presentation along with Sudha’s narration was so inspiring.

When everything goes wrong, one has two options: just to be a spectator or else, face the situation and be a survivor. Sudha chose the second path. Although most of you might be aware of her story, let me bring her version to you which she shared on HRX Heroes with Hrithik Roshan show.

A prodigious instinctive dancer by birth, Sudha started learning dance when she was hardly four. She did Arangettam (a major function to start the dance career professionally after completion of course) at the age of nine. She had given many dance performance till her age 17. It was then that the tragedy struck, and she met with an accident during one of her trip along with family to a temple. The ill-fateful day changed her life forever. Her right foot was hurt badly. She did not get the proper treatment at the local hospital. Later, she was transferred to another hospital, but things were worsening further. Gangrene developed in her leg and infection was spreading badly. There was no option than to amputate her leg.

While Sudha was narrating her story, she did make me choke with her pain. She says that if she was a major, she would have never signed the papers for operation / amputation. When her father broke the news to her that he had signed the papers for amputation, she was completely shattered and did express to her father regarding her disapproval for the same. But obviously father had decided the same for saving her life. The scene where she is taken for her surgery, prior to entering the operation theater, she asks an emotional question- “Can I see my leg for the last time”. How painful that moment would have been.

The disability left her shattered and the very thought of not being able to dance further added to her depression. She said, it was even more depressing to handle the ‘sympathy’ and ‘concerns’ of so-called acquaintances, relatives. She withdrew into her shell and often questioned God’s decision. Although, she also believed that since she met with accident during pilgrimage, there could be some purpose of God behind the same.

And that is when she saw news in regard to Dr. Sethi of Jaipur who was dealing with such disability cases by manufacturing and providing prosthetic limb. She travelled to Jaipur to meet the doctor. The very first question she asked doctor, whether she can dance with the artificial leg. Oh, what a passionate dancer she was, who was not bothered about whether she can walk or not, but all she cared was whether she can dance or not.

The journey ahead was not easy with Jaipur foot. She practiced for hours with this artificial foot. In her words, when she practiced one day, she had to confine herself to bed for another six days. Her knee used to bleed. But she was determined to once again dance and make her parents proud. After almost 2.5 years of practice, she decided to perform in front of the audience. She gave a stellar and incredible performance in a jam-packed auditorium, which got her standing ovation and her parents were really moved.

The world learnt her story of endurance, grit, determination and will power. The media all over wrote about her struggles after the accident, her bruised knee due to practice sessions etc.

Her life changed for the better. Her story inspired the Telugu filmmakers to make a film on her life ‘Mayuri’ which was later released in different languages like Malayalam, Hindi (Nache Mayuri) etc. She started focusing in acting as well. Rest is history. We all have seen her in so many TV serials / films.

About Cast: Sudha Chandran (Tanuka Laghate), Mother - Thangam (Kiran Arora), Father – KD Chandran  (Amit Suryavanshi), Doctor (Amit Chakraborty), Grandmother (Malti Mathur), Aunty (Rajsi Verma), Uncle (Rajiv Kumar)

It is really a challenge when the time slot of the programme is just 30 minutes inclusive of advertisements. Besides, the format of the show includes the presentation of Hrithik, narration by the Heroes themselves and the dramatic presentation of the story. So, the actors get very little screen space to express their characters.

Tanuka Laghate who has enacted Sudha Chandran has really portrayed her agonies, pain, frustration, helplessness and even her courage, determination and passion very nicely. Kiran Arora and Amit Suryavanshi who play Sudha’s parents have also done well. Rest of the cast has also justified their characters.

Sudha Chandran’s story is definitely so inspiring. She has proved that, no disability, however great, however formidable could stop an individual from achieving what one aspires for. Grand Salute to the brand ambassador of indomitable human spirit and for her fantastic inspiring life journey.

Watch the repeat telecast of this episode on Sudha Chandran on 14th November, 2015 at 8PM in Discovery Channel on HRX Heroes with Hrithik Roshan.

Rating: 4 out 5 (Very Good)