Sunday, December 21, 2014

PK : A Quick Review

PK, another fine movie from Rajkumar Hirani. Heavy message presented in a light manner. So many messages are conveyed symbolically, and so many are conveyed directly. Every dialogue hit me hard. The movie leads to lot of introspection.
Aamir Khan (PK) plays an alien who is on earth (Rajasthan) to research about the human beings. The moment he lands on earth, all naked, with a child like curiosity, his ‘remote’ to send signals to his planet is being snatched by a person. The scene shifts to a foreign land where Anushka (Jaggu) is seen to be negotiating for a ticket to witness the show of Amitabh Bachchan reciting Big Bachchan. Anushka falls in love with Sushant (Sarfaraz), a Pakistani boy. Later Anoushka is shown working for a TV news channel.
The encounter between Jaggu and PK is interesting, where PK is distributing the pamphlets in Metro Rail (New Delhi) for ‘Missing Gods’. The scenes are hilarious as well as interesting.
Digs are taken on so many subjects. The desperation of a news channel to even make a depressive dog’s story as breaking news is shown. PK’s role forces one to think. He comes up with so much of innocence, who has altogether a different outlook towards things and life. He shares his journey of learning on earth to Jaggu, which has so many elements. He collects dress for himself from the ‘Dancing Car’. He slowly understands that all the human beings have the same type of skin but their dressing, style makes them look different. His amusement on the diversity is also beautifully depicted. He also feels that people on his planet are so truth-loving and non-complicated, but on earth, things are just not in order. On his planet, people don’t talk, they just touch the other person and get to know what is on that person’s mind. But on earth, PK feels that people even after communicating directly don’t understand one another. PK gets confused at the usage of a single word for expressing different feelings.
PK’s efforts to buy carrots with Mahatma Gandhi’s photograph in newspaper, book cover etc. and later with the currency forces us to think – is actually Mahatma Gandhi alive only on currencies?
He gets amused by seeing God’s houses in every street and that too with so much of diversity. In PK’s language, God has managers who are running different companies (different religions) and have different set of rules for running the company. There is a scene, where PK goes desperately from God to God, temple to church to mosque to gurudwara, so that he is able to get back his lost remote. When he understands the diversities of the religion, he tries to check, whether God stamped children as Hindu-Muslim-Christian- Sikh. A great insight. Absolute delight to watch these scenes.
PK talks of two Gods: One is the God who made us and another one is the God whom we made. PK doesn’t question the belief in God but he definitely questions the blind faith upon God-like people for whom it is another way of money-making business.
At one point of time, PK is seen wearing all sorts of religious chains like, Rudraksh, Cross etc. which he later throws off saying that there is only one God who does not put any conditions on the mankind.
Aamir’s goblin-ears, wide eyes and his running with arms straight by his side and palms stuck out are very much noticeable. Anushka is effortless, Sushant, Saurabh Shukla, Sanjay Dutt and Boman Irani are also good in the movie.
PK is hilarious, leaves you in a reflective mode.

Rating: 4/5 (Very Good)