Thursday, March 17, 2016

Affimity: Social Home for your Passions

Social Media is an integral part of our lives. There are different social media networks viz. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube etc. Indeed, all of these have transformed our lives and connected us in a better manner with the world. Each of these social media platforms has their own advantages.

But here is Affimity, which takes care of what these platforms are not providing us right now. 

Screenshot of Home page of Affimity 
This new-gen social media network is indeed different from what we are using at the moment. For example, when Facebook helps us to connect with people and their networks, our newsfeed hardly depends on the basis of our interests. Definitely the concept of facebook group brings the people of similar interests together, but it yet have to reach its optimal.  These groups may discuss the similar things viz. on food, movies, yoga, parenting, kids etc. but without much interaction with each other. Pinterest and Instagram does let us share our passions, but these do need advanced social features to build a community around us. As a blogger, I have observed that blog is mostly used as a broadcasting tool. I also propagate regarding my blog through twitter and other social media platforms. When I have interacted with other bloggers, they have expressed their concerns over building audience. Linkedin a bit different, since it focuses specially on professional arena, and it does help one to interact and share thoughts with people of common professional interests.

Now, let me discuss here, how Affimity, a new-gen social media network, is going to give us a different experience. It does focus on our interests within a community context. Unlike Linkedin, which focuses on single interest i.e. professional advancement, Affimity focuses on your interests within a community context. It brings more than 30 channels, each catering to specific passion viz. food, parenting, Bollywood, Hollywood, cricket, jokes etc.  

Just have a look at a few of the awesome channels over here:

Screenshot of various Channels on Affimity

I can create a social blog of mine at<myblog> every time, I add a post in any channel. I don’t have to worry about the audience engagement, since that is taken care by Affimity social media network. I have created my profile in Affimity. Just have a look over here:

All android and IOS users can enjoy the app of Affimity on their mobile.

Screenshot of Affimity App on my Android mobile

Screenshot of Affimity App on my Android mobile

The presentation of Affimity looks great in the app as well. View of my certain posts at Affimity on my Android mobile:
                                  Screenshot of my posts on Affimity App on my Android mobile

 Screenshot of my posts on Affimity App (while flipping the posts), on my Android mobile

This social media platform Affimity is going to create a difference to the way in which we network. It helps and saves our time by helping us to narrow down our newsfeed to the communities of our choice. It is a social home for our passions and to share / discuss about the same with people of similar passion / interests. So, one can join the channels of his / her interest.

Affimity is a New-Gen Social Media Platform with the thought: ‘Come.Engage. Belong’. Indeed, a social home for our passions.

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