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Review of Tamasha

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Cast: Ranbir Kapoor (Ved Vardhan Sahni), Deepika Padukone (Tara Maheshwari), Javed Sheikh (Ved’s father), Vivek Mushran (Ved’s Boss), Piyush Mishra (The Storyteller)
Direction: Imtiaz Ali
Produced by: Sajid Nadiadwala
Written by: Imtiaz Ali
Music: A.R. Rahman
Cinematography: Ravi Varman
Edited by: Aarti Bajaj
Production Company: Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment
Distributed by: UTV Motion Pictures
Release Date: 27th November, 2015
Duration: 2 hours 24 minutes
Language: Hindi

Tamasha, Imtiaz Ali’s film brings Bollywood’s one of the favourite pair Deepika and Ranbir on screen. I am so much confused when I sit to review this film now. If you expect the magic of Jab We Met and Love Aaj Kal in this film, you may be disappointed. Imtiaz’s Rockstar was also a bit different from his typical style of filmmaking which earned him mixed reviews. But his latest film Highway had received great critical acclaim and appreciation, which saw a different side of Imtiaz’s style of filmmaking. Tamasha certainly differs from his earlier films in spite of love being the central theme. Rather, he experiments with a different style of storytelling through Tamasha. Tamasha means spectacle. I loved the plot of the film, which focuses or reminds us that most of the time, we are mere spectators in our lives. We choose a gallery, where we can sit comfortably and just watch things happening in and around us. We don’t even decide for ourselves. When we don’t design our choices in our lives, somebody else makes choices for us. And if this is the case, do we enjoy these choices made by somebody on our behalf. Probably not. We just live our lives, fall prey to the monotonous way of living. We ignore the real ‘us’ and just compromise with the happenings of our lives. We ourselves don’t recognize the real self and just pull through life by engaging in mundane activities and appear not to be bothered as well. Imtiaz Ali’s film Tamasha tells us – “Your most personal thought is your life’s biggest Tamasha”. The concept is so nice, but the film falters at the execution level. Two terrific actors on screen could have set the stage on fire, but it doesn’t happen so. Even the sequence where lot of fun elements could have been added was a bit dry. And the sequence, where emotions could have played a major role in getting the audience connected was underplayed. But certainly, this film can’t be written off, watch it for the beautiful philosophy, which Tamasha brings to us and of course for its lead pair, Deepika and Ranbir.

The film begins with a troupe performing Tamasha on stage. The very initial scene itself makes the whole theme of the film very clear. The story telling happens through this Tamasha.

Ved as a kid in Shimla is extremely fond of stories. He would collect money, even steal money at times to pay a storyteller (Piyush Mishra) who would tell him stories of Ramayana, Laila Majnu, Heer Ranjha, Romeo Juliet etc. The interesting aspect of Piyush’ storytelling was that he used to say that every story was the same. Ved used to passionately listen to the stories. As far as the studies are concerned, he is not very fond of many subjects especially Mathematics. But when he grows up, he yields to his father’s pressure to pursue engineering.

The adult Ved’s story begins in an exotic island – Corsica in France, where he happens to meet Tara (Deepika Padukone), who had lost her passport and some other belongings. Both of them hit it off at the very first instance. Ved wanted their story to be different from the regular ones, so they decide that they would not even reveal their real names, and tell any truth to each other. They only lie about themselves, Ved becomes Don and Tara becomes Mona Darling. They also had set the norm that they would never meet each other once they leave Corsica. But as expected, love blooms, though both of them don’t accept that.

Tara returns to her home at Kolkata and joins her father’s business. Ved goes to Delhi and joins a regular corporate job. She does feel Ved’s absence around, but she is not being shown as a depressed girl, rather she is shown actively engaged in work. Although the scene is not very clear, but it shows her being true to her emotions by breaking off with her boyfriend or fiancée. The screenplay covers a period of four years through a song.

Tara lands up in Delhi for an assignment. ‘Social’ of Hauz Khas Village is the spot where she keeps coming, certainly with the hope of meeting Ved. And when she meets Ved, does she find the same Ved whom she met in Corsica. Though, they meet almost everyday, Tara is disillusioned with this Ved. She feels that the Ved who was always there with her since her return from Corsica was far different from this Ved. Tara was facing problem to accept this Ved who had succumbed to a conventional way of leading life, routine job. Tara wanted to highlight the point that Ved had the potential to do much beyond the routine things in his life. But Ved had a problem in accepting the external dimension of his ‘self’ from Tara.

What happens thereafter? How does Ved meets his real ‘self’? How does Ved take charge of his life? How does he define his own internal dimension of ‘self’? Does he give life to the storyteller within him? How does he move out of the shackles of the family / social expectations of being an engineer, pursuing a corporate job, being part of the rat race? How does Tara’s love play a role in bringing the real Ved out? Does Ved ever feel liberated in life? If the story started in Corsica, and paths of the lead pair crossed at Delhi, where does the story reach at the climax?  Watch the film to get these answers.

Image Courtesy: Facebook Page of Tamasha

Ranbir has definitely played Ved with great conviction. He has imitated Devanand also. Deepika looks ravishing as always, but I kept wondering why her eyes are almost always moist. She indeed brings lot of energy to Tara’s character. The scene, where Deepika meets Ved in Delhi, how she enacts her emotions is superb. The angst of an individual, who is being brought up in a very traditional and conservative background and who is expected to be only perfect in his life and fulfill his family’s vision is also very well portrayed by Ranbir.  The young Ved is also very good. Piyush Mishra in his role as storyteller is very nice.

Another beautiful scene is the one where the storyteller tells Ved that why he is asking him in regard to his (Ved) own story. He shouts at Ved and asks him to tell or create his own story. I found this particular scene to be very powerful, which makes us ponder that are we ready to design our stories and proclaim the same to the world. Also, another aspect which I liked about Tamasha is that it depicts a love which makes a person identify and encounter self which facilitates one to bring out his / her real optimum potential.

The song which needs special mention is “Agar Tum Sath ho…” by Alka Yagnik and Arijit Singh. It would touch your hearts.

You may enjoy this movie, if are ready to just sit back, relax and watch. You may not enjoy this movie, if you expect the miracle through the combination of Imtiaz-Deepika-Ranbir and also want lot of fun.

Tamasha talks about one of the most intriguing philosophy of life that we as human beings tend to be mere spectators in our lives, allow others to design choices for us, stop following our own dreams and find ourselves in the shackles of the societal norms of following conventional rules. We may not be ready to explore our true potential, but someone who loves us, could take us to a great journey of self-optimization. Though, Tamasha, the spectacle, is not a debacle; I sincerely wished that such a beautiful philosophy could have been executed in a much better manner through a gripping screenplay. 

Rating: 2.75/5 (Almost Good)

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Virender Singh: HRX Heroes with Hrithik Roshan

Image Courtesy: Facebook Page of HRX Brand
The story of Virender Singh in the 8th episode of HRXHeroes with Hrithik Roshan is a silent call to our government. We have so many talented sports personalities in our country. A few sports do get all the attention, support and sponsorship in our country, whereas some other sport is completely ignored. We have heard of many stories in the past in regard to different athletes or sports personalities, who have brought laurels for our country but got ignored by our own country. They had to fight their own battle. I may sound very harsh in writing this but the truth is that there is discrimination against various sports in our country. This story is a bit more different from the regular ones since he is deaf. His disability clubbed with his extraordinary talent of wrestling has earned him a new name: Goonga Pahalwan (The mute wrestler), though I completely disagree to address him so. It was destiny’s play that Virender was born as a deaf person, but does that make him inferior? Not at all. You would be amazed at his story also, who followed his dream of becoming one of the most successful wrestler our country has ever seen. But the question which remains to be answered is that is he getting the deserving support from our country, probably not. In spite of being a great athlete, why Virender has to face discrimination in comparison to his counterparts who are physically abled, it is a question which need to be pondered and acted upon. He may not speak or hear as we do, but he is a superior being in his talent to be one of the best, he can wrestle with all the odds to be the best. Here is the story of Virender Singh, a HRX Hero.

Virender Singh joined a school (from 1st standard onwards) meant for deaf and dumb in Delhi staying along with his uncle, Surender Kaka. He started learning the sign language. His uncle used to teach wrestling and that is how Virender took interest in this sport. He expressed his desire to learn wrestling.

Words of wisdom from Hrithik:  Two days of your life are important– first is when you are born and second is when you know ‘why’.

How inspiring philosophy of life. Virender also recognized the very purpose of his life, he understood why he was born. He knew, he was meant for wrestling.

Image Courtesy: Discovery Channel India's web page

Having a desire was not sufficient, it was just a beginning. Then started his journey to develop the right abilities to be a wrestler. His uncle started training him. Virender narrates using sign language in the HRX show that his uncle used to make him get up at 4AM for training. He said, how he used to get tired with the training and at times used to sleep in school. The training was very intense.

The training really helped him to get over the pain of not able to speak or hear and his desire to become wrestler was more.

Sadar Bazar Akhada became his training ground. His physical disability did not become a hindrance for him. He was able to defeat many abled-wrestlers in the ground. He dreamt of competing and exceling for the country. When he expressed his desire to participate in the national event to his uncle, he said how he could fight without being able to listen or speak. Uncle had the intuition that he would be disqualified not because he lacked the talent but because he was physically disabled. But Virender was so sure of himself that he responded by saying that hasn’t he taken same amount of training as his counterparts.

He went ahead to participate in Wrestling Federation of India’s selection contest. Virender Singh won all the wrestling matches, still, he was not allowed to represent India in international level due to his disability. The scene in the show, where he was denied even after winning, could move you. He felt helpless, was upset, he cried, and his heart was broken.

Virender is a real champion in himself, since he chose to get up even after falling. He made his anger his biggest strength, again started participating in local wrestling matches. He even fought with Susheel, one of the Olympic medal winner. He was exploited both inside and outside the akhada due to his physical limitation, since wrestling had become his passion.

An incident was quoted where he even was threatened by people. Though, at times, he got scared and sat at home away from wrestling, but the threats could not stop him from pursuing his dream and passion and he came back to the ring. He dreamt of wrestling for India but he was unable to get any opportunity due to his physical limitation.

That is when Paraolympics happened, and he thought to participate in the same. Although, he had to shell out money from his pocket itself for fulfilling this dream, he landed in Australia. Virender wanted to take this one shot. He won the Deaflympics Gold medal in 2005. After that, he has won many medals.

But did his story change anything in spite of winning these medals and bringing so much laurels to our country. I think, the days for athletes like him haven’t changed. Virender expressed in the show that he feels bad due to discrimination. He also feels bad that he is not getting the deserving support from our country, but he is determined to pursue his dream and continue his winning spree. He has good amount of support from his family who believes that he is indeed a very talented wrestler.

Despite winning so many medals, he has not got the opportunity to take part in regular Olympics. The sound of a whistle, being central to the game of wrestling, is the logic behind not qualifying him for the regular Olympics since he can’t hear the sound of the whistle. In International games, the referee pats on the back instead of regular whistle. Let us hope that Virender is able to fulfill his dream by getting to participate in Rio Olympics in 2016.

Cast: Gaurav Anand (12 year old Virender Singh), Aman Mehra (22 year old Virender Singh), Alka Mehta (Mother), Satyapal Gosain (Father), Yugant Bhadri Pandey (Surender Kaka), Rajesh Roy (Sarpanch), Vipin Dubey (Cousin brother), Vinod Pal (Negative Pahalwan), Pranav Kumar (brother 6 years), Manoj Dutt (Co-ordinator)

Meet another great HRX Hero, a real life hero Virender Singh. His story prompts us as citizens of India to ask ourselves, our system, our government: are we doing justice towards this great hero, who made our country proud? Are we even able to acknowledge this great hero? The situations and circumstances were against him, but did he succumb to them? No, rather, he had the courage, patience, and persistence to grow beyond all the situations, fight his way out to become one of the most talented athletes our country has even seen. Isn’t it cruel irony that he is being discriminated just because he has hearing disability whereas he has proved his mettle in the international arena. Let us hope that he gets to participate in Rio Olympics 2016. A grand salute to this HRX Hero: Virender Singh, who grew beyond his limitation to hear / speak to be the best wrestler.  

Watch its repeat telecast on Discovery Channel India on Sunday, 29th November, 2015 at 8PM.

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Subhreet Kaur Ghumman: HRX Heroes with Hrithik Roshan

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Subhreet Kaur’s story is no ordinary tale; it is a story of her extraordinary grit, courage, determination, perseverance. Am sure, her story which was aired in 7th episode of HRX Heroes with Hrithik Roshan is going to leave you wondering, can anyone have so much of mental strength? You might have seen her in “India’s got talent” and the latest season of “Jhalak Dikhla Jaa”. I had closely followed her when she was taking part in these shows, and I was aware of her story, but still, I got goosebumps while watching her story unveiled by Hrithik Roshan, narrated by her as well as her family and its perfect dramatic reconstruction left me with tears in my eyes.

Subhreet is known as the ‘One legged Dancer’ who has definitely become a great source of inspiration to many with her strong will, positive thinking and determination. She is extremely talented as a dancer, and nothing stops her from trying various contemporary dance forms.

Hrithik presents her story with a very famous quotation: Where there is a will, there is a way. How appropriately it fits Subhreet’s story. Her effort was to win her own self, beat her pain and grow beyond her physical limitations.

Subhreet was born in Punjab (in 1986). She lost her father very early in life and she was brought up by her mother. She was very fond of dance from childhood itself. Though she wanted to be part of entertainment world, be a dancer and wear beautiful clothes, she decided to pursue nursing profession on her mother Charanjeet Kaur’s insistence. Subhreet took admission in a nursing college.

An ill-fateful day in October 2009 turned the course of her life forever. Her friend was driving a scooty and she was sitting behind her. Subhreet asked her friend not to drive fast, but she continued driving fast. Unfortunately, she lost her balance and both of them were thrown off from the scooty. Subhreet’s leg was dragged under scooty’s wheel. She could feel lot of pain. Her world turned upside down on this day.

Ultimately she was taken to the hospital, where she was left lying in a bed for almost two weeks. In spite of Subhreet’s mother Charanjeet’s pleading the doctors to treat her, they just put her leg in a brace and left her. They did not even try to treat her fracture.

Subhreet already had a congenital condition called Arterioenous malformation, an abnormal connection between arteries and veins. Charanjeet was constantly telling the doctor about this condition of Subhreet. Eventually, Subhreet underwent operation, but the doctor cut a vital vein because of which uncontrollable bleeding started. Although, the surgical team could manage to stop the bleeding, but they cut short the operation. When she opened her eyes, she was unable to feel any sensation in her leg. On being asked, doctor responded that she would feel sensation in a few days. Surgeon’s incompetence meant that Subhreet now had to wait for the veins in her leg to heal before they could even attempt to fix her fracture for the second time.

Image Courtesy: Discovery Channel's page
Subhreet was sent home to recover but her condition was worsening with each passing day. She had lost all the sensation in her leg. She weighed hardly 35 Kgs. She was bed-ridden for more than two months. Mother and sister took care of her.

Now came that part of her story, which I was absolutely unaware of, it really shook me from within. Subhreet narrated with choked throat and teary eyes that one morning when she got up, she found small ants on her bed and when she looked at her leg, she found that the ants were trying to eat her leg. Probably the ants were on her leg for the whole night, but she did not know due to lack of sensation. That is when she realized that her leg is dead and that is why her leg became prey to the ants. She was inconsolable and cried a lot along with her mother and sister. Subhreet was devastated but she took one of the toughest decisions of amputating her leg. This was the only option left to get her life back. She underwent operation.

In spite of losing the leg (lifeless leg), she decided to not succumb to self-pity or depression, but decided to pursue her passion of dancing. She gave herself this impossible challenge to dance on one leg. She trained herself at home, worked hard to maintain balance with one leg, worked to enhance her physical stamina. For formal training, when she decided to join a dance academy, finance was a concern, but her mother sold her earing to sponsor her dream. Initially, the dance academy rejected her due to her physical disability, she expressed her anger to one of them: ‘You will not choose me, rather I will choose you whether I want to learn from you or not and I decide not to choose you”. Finally Subhreet got an opportunity to train with Rockstar Academy.

Subhreet’s mother Charanjeet remarked about her decision to join dance: “I always knew that she was a good dancer, but I had forced her into studies. After the surgery, when she told me that she wanted to dance in TV shows, I was apprehensive but I supported her dream”.

After taking tough training, she auditioned for India’s Got Talent. She got standing ovation from the judges as well as the audience. Her appearance on this show made her a celebrity overnight. The whole country was awestruck with her performance. Her life changed for better. Later on she participated in Jhalak Dikhla Jaa. Now, she is happy pursuing her passion of pursuing dance as a career.

Hrithik Roshan summed up her story in a beautiful manner that how she prepared herself to face the adversities of her life and even in the darkest phase of her life, she worked hard. Beating her physical limitation, today she is living a life which she completely deserves.

Cast: Sakshi Raina (Subhreet Kaur), Kusunita Tiwari (Mother), Apala Bist (Friend), Sukh Randhawa (Doctor), Rajeev Singh (Doctor), Bharat Patni (Doctor), Sushil Kumar Tiwari (Ward boy)

I felt Subhreet’s episode saw one of the best dramatic reconstruction so far in this show. And for this, indeed the whole cast is responsible. Sakshi raina as Subhreet Kaur has so convincingly portrayed her. Rather the whole cast has complemented well their respective characters.

The story of this HRX Hero Subhreet Kaur Ghumman would definitely leave you awestruck, inspired and certainly give you goosebumps. A one-legged dancer, victim of medical negligence, was not ready to succumb to the destiny of carrying a lifeless leg, but decided to get it amputated. She chose not to fall prey to self-pity but to pursue her childhood passion to be a dancer. You might have seen her on ‘India’s Got Talent’ and ‘Jhalak Dikhla Jaa’, still, please read this post to know her story through Hrithik Roshan and also through her own words. She believes that one could only be handicapped in their mind not physically; you are handicap, if you have everything and you are doing nothing. I am choked with emotions while saluting this great lady Subhreet Kaur Ghumman whose story you can catch up in the repeat telecast of HRX Heroes with Hrithik Roshan on Discovery Channel on 28th November, 2015 at 8PM.

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My Mumma sums up her Smartphone experience – “Nothing like Anything”

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Yes, you read it absolutely right, “Nothing like Anything” is the punchline of Micromax brand who have come up with so many variants of Android Smartphones with Octacore and 4G and that too at a reasonable cost. I chose this punchline as part of the title because that is how my mumma sums up her latest smartphone experience.

I remember those days, when a letter sent to someone abroad used to reach that person in 15-20 days, and response to that used to take another 15-20 days. So, effectively my letter used to get its response in a month’s time. With great technocrat's visions, a time came, when we started having desktops and internet connections in our houses, which revolutionized the communication. Then the changes happened further, and now the whole internet has caved into our smart phones. Technology has made the communication so rapid, prompt, instant. The technology has definitely brought people closer.

I started using a smartphone 2 years back. And when I used to share with Mumma regarding how I started using smartphones to connect with people through various social media networks viz. facebook, g+, linkedin, twitter etc. She was also amazed at the power of social media. The instant connectivity through hangout, whats app, skype etc. using smart phones made the concept of Global Village evolve into Global Home. I could see a child-like curiosity in mumma’s eyes to understand these in detail and that is when I decided to gift her with an Android Smart phone on her birthday in the month of October, 2015. This was her first touch phone as well.

Mumma was extremely delighted as well as nervous on how to use her latest prized possession. I got her sim upgraded to 4G. Downloaded the applications viz. Whats app, Google Hangout and Facebook (created a new facebook account for her). With every new additions, I was able to experience her joy in learning new things and using the same. The very first whats app message she sent to me was: “Hello, my beautiful daughter”. I was amidst some work commitments, when her message popped up in my mobile, which left me with a smile on my face.

Along with the regular features, I also explained to her certain interesting features which she could use. She also enjoys using youtube, google now, reading news. One interesting incident which happened was that she wanted to use GPS in her mobile, so, she just fed a destination place 2 kms away from our home, and she chose to walk her very much familiar path with GPS ‘on’. She enjoyed the ‘left’, ‘right’ of the GPS.  

Just to educate her, I also explained to her in regard to the her smartphone and its technology. I added the following information as well:
Android: An open-source operating system used for smartphones and tablets.
4G: A mobile communications standard allowing wireless internet access at a great speed
Octa core: It denotes the number of processor cores in a CPU, in octa core,the number is eight.

My mumma is indeed getting comfortable with the usage of her Android smartphone. Recently I asked her to sum up her experience, and that is when she saw the advertisement of Micromax and got struck with its punchline and she says: “Nothing like Anything”.

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Harshini Kanhekar: HRX Heroes with Hrithik Roshan

Image Source: Facebook page of HRXbrand

What a week at HRX Heroes with Hrithik Roshan. If the 5th episode shared with us the story of one of the most celebrated entrepreneur Kalpana Saroj, the 6th episode unveiled the story of the first female fire-fighter of our country Harshini Kanhekar. It is a must-watch story by all people, especially girls. Although, lot of changes has happened in our society in the last few years, still, intolerance to gender diversity is observed. Girls are meant to be submissive, just taking care of the house, or supposed to be involved in mundane kind of work. In spite of the fact that the world is rapidly evolving due to various transformations happening in various segments, and females having broken all the myths about themselves, handling the household things as well as boardroom responsibilities very efficiently, we cannot deny the fact that there are still many households in our country, where girls are meant not to dream. That is where, Harshini dares not only to dream and but also to fulfill her dream in spite of all odds.

Hrithik starts the episode with the same thought that there is discrimination against girls, who don’t have the freedom to dream. Harshini was stopped everywhere but she was so determined that she fulfilled her dream and became the first female fire-fighter of our country.

Her journey started on a very interesting note. During her graduation, one day, she noticed a group of NCC officers practicing. NCC cadets in uniform caught her fancy. The very dream of wearing the uniform made her explore the options for further studies and career.  

She wanted to join National Fire Service College in Nagpur. The situations were strange and challenging right from the very beginning. After clearing the entrance examination, when she appeared for a personal interview, she was told that no girl so far has become a fire-fighter in Indian History, to which she responded very boldly that it does not mean that nobody can become.  

In spite of clearing the entrance and the interview, another challenge was there in front of her to convince her parents, who were very reluctant for her choosing such a career path. They constantly asked her, whether she would be able to study amongst so many boys. She assured them that she would be able to study, but parents were not ready to buy-in her thought. The environment turned out to be grim at home. With her persistent efforts, Harshini ultimately could convince her family members.

Image Source: Discovery Channel
And the big day came, where Harshini’s dream to wear a uniform came true. She dressed up in uniform for her first day of college. She still vividly remembers what her father told her while dropping at college - “Himmat nahi haarna”.

It does not stop at knowing what you want, but you have to fight for it. The first step is always the toughest. One amongst many challenges was that this programme was a residential programme. And there was no hostel for girls till then. One must watch the show to understand how Harshini dealt with this situation, she was not ready to succumb to the situations. How she handled the co-ordinator at college, who mocked at her. Finally she was granted permission to be a day-scholar.

Harishini had less support in her favour, rather more people were there to discourage her. Being the only girl in a boys’ college, she became the talk of the college. Most of the students did not like her coming to the college. She was being told that it is not a beauty parlour, she might not be able to even sustain for 3 months. But Harshini was not going to be deterred by any of these. Rather these comments made her more responsible towards her dream.

Next challenge came in the form of physical activities although she was psychologically ready for the tough trainings. She  could do all the activities as that of her male counterparts. Being a day-scholar, she used to commute to college by a cycle (more than 5 Kms). Harshini’s sister got choked when she was narrating how Harshini used to get exhausted at the end of the day.

Harshini was getting support from the trainers but no positive response from her course mates, which indeed made her journey tough. But Harshini was not ready to give up. She came out with flying colours in her final practical test.

The final scenes of the episode were very heartening. The very same Harshini, who had to face so many comments right from the instructor to her fellow students, later on earned respect from them. With her determination and hard-work, she could win over people.

Cast: Khushboo Atre (Harshini), Swati Singh (Harshini’s sister), Aditi Bahl (Mother), Vinayak Shawerkar (Father), Pravin Pachpore (Doctor), Prakhar Singh (Instructor), Tushar (Co-ordinator)

All the actors have brought the story alive through their convincing portrayal of various characters, be it Khushboo Atre or her parents Aditi Bahl and Vinayak Shawerkar. Tushar in the role of a co-ordinator, who makes fun of Harshini in the beginning and later on wanted to click a photograph with her during the farewell party was noticeable.

Hrithik as a presenter of the show is awesome. With his sheer presence, words and style of presentation, he adds lot of value to the stories of various HRX Heroes.

Lohe ko faulad banne ke liye aag se guzarana padta hai, dil me kuch karne ki aag thi, meet India’s first Female Fire-Fighter Harshini Kanhekar, who fought against the mindset that fire-fighting profession is meant for males only, and succeeded in becoming the very first female fighter. The roads she travelled were never smooth, but with her sheer determination, conviction, courage and hard-work, she could break all the barriers. Here is the story of Harshini Kanhekar, who was so fascinated by uniform that it got her landed in a job which was primarily dominated by male gender. She proved to the world that women are no less than men, neither in psychological nor physical strengths. Watch the repeat telecast of 6th episode of HRX Heroes with Hrithik Roshan only on Discovery Channel on 22nd November, 2015 – 8PM and join me in saluting this real life hero Harshini Kanhekar.  

Image Source: Facebook Page of HRX Brand