Saturday, November 14, 2015

Shekar Naik: HRX Heroes with Hrithik Roshan (4th Episode)

Shekar Naik’s inspiring and incredible journey from darkness to light was covered in the 4th episode of HRX Heroes with HrithikRoshan.

Let me start Shekar’s story with a disclaimer that from this episode onwards, I am not going to review this show, but my effort would be to share the story. There won’t be any rating for further episodes at the end of the write-ups. I was feeling very uncomfortable rating the episodes and I also felt how I can review such shows where heroes of life are themselves presenting their stories. No review or no rating would be sufficient to express that how much the heroes suffered in their lives and then rose against all odds to be super-achievers. And I am sure Discovery Channel would appreciate my stand. So, here goes the story of Shekar Naik.

Hrithik conveys so beautifully that people want to know the formula for success, there is only one, which is hard work. Shekar represents this statement. He had no support system, had darkness all around, and what he has achieved today is due to his hard work.

Shekar was born in a poor family in Shimoga, Karnataka. Shekar was blind from his birth onwards. Rather he belonged to a family where his mother Suniana, and many of his cousins were blind. It was some genetic problem. Shekar did not know that there is any world different than his world of darkness. He could never form any picture of the external world. His mother always used to inspire him through her words.

He was almost 8, when he fell into Tungabadhra river, and was taken to the hospital in Bangalore. The doctor said that his retina was fine and there was hope that operation could give him partial vision.

In Shekhar’s words, that was one of the best moments of his life, when he opened his eyes after operation to find his mother standing in front of him. Initially he could not recognize his mother. Shekar got his partial vision back.

He did not even get the time to enjoy this bliss that within three months, he lost his father, who was having cancer. The only earning member of the family was no more. The world became more dark for Shekar and his mother. It was difficult for them to survive. They had to fight hunger.

And that is when Shekar’s mother Suniana decided to admit him in Karnatala Blind School. The idea behind his admission was that atleast Shekar should get his food and survive. Ill-fate continued, Shekar lost his mother too.

Shekar was at the lowest point of his life. When you have nothing to lose, you have everything to gain. That is the stage Shekar was in.

The best dreams happen when you are awake. Shekar also got a goal. While in school, he explored cricket. He started taking coaching in school with the help of his PT teacher Mr. Suresh. He was selected in school team, later state team and then national team. His belief was strengthened that he would be able to fulfill his as well as his mother’s dream that he should be doing something in life.

After graduation, he continued with his passion of playing cricket. To survive, he also used to do all kinds of jobs viz. housekeeping, washing utensils, gardening etc. He worked hard for more than 8 years.

He played lot of matches, and the match against Pakistan is very special for him, he scored 198 runs, his highest international score.

In 2010, he was chosen as the captain of Indian Blind Cricket Team and fetched India two World Cups.

His dream is to coach many aspiring blind cricketers and let them fulfill their dreams.
Hrithik conveys Shekar’s story beautifully: “It is not the will to win that matters, it is the will to prepare to win that matters”.

Cast: Krishna Mishra (Shekar Naik), Vijay Saini (Shekar’s father), Chandrakala Satam (Shekar’s mother), Rahil (Young Shekar – 8 years), Yash Chavan (Young Shekar – 18 years), Rajesh Kumar (Neighbour), Saurabh Sharma (Doctor), Sangeeta Srivastava (Masi), Ranjeet Kumar (PT Teacher Suresh Sir)

It is great to see the actors depict the story. Whether it was Rahil (Young Shekar – 8 years), Yash Chavan (Young Shekar – 18 years), or Krishna Mishra (Shekar Naik), all could add lot of value through their acting. Rather, the cast absolutely fit the requirements.
What to say about Hrithik, the host of the show. He does add his words of wisdom and makes us think that if the heroes can, we can too…

Shekar Naik stood undeterred by the vagaries of life. Instead, he chose to live a life, which is a real inspiration and motivation to many. Rather than cribbing about what he doesn’t have, lamenting over his pain, he chose to grow beyond his struggles to fight and emerge victorious. Captain of Indian Blind Cricket Team since 2010. Indeed an incredible journey from darkness to light. Please join with me to salute this HRX Hero: Shekar Naik.

Watch the repeat telecast of this episode on Shekar Naik on 15th November, 2015 at Discovery Channel, 8PM.