Sunday, November 22, 2015

My Mumma sums up her Smartphone experience – “Nothing like Anything”

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Yes, you read it absolutely right, “Nothing like Anything” is the punchline of Micromax brand who have come up with so many variants of Android Smartphones with Octacore and 4G and that too at a reasonable cost. I chose this punchline as part of the title because that is how my mumma sums up her latest smartphone experience.

I remember those days, when a letter sent to someone abroad used to reach that person in 15-20 days, and response to that used to take another 15-20 days. So, effectively my letter used to get its response in a month’s time. With great technocrat's visions, a time came, when we started having desktops and internet connections in our houses, which revolutionized the communication. Then the changes happened further, and now the whole internet has caved into our smart phones. Technology has made the communication so rapid, prompt, instant. The technology has definitely brought people closer.

I started using a smartphone 2 years back. And when I used to share with Mumma regarding how I started using smartphones to connect with people through various social media networks viz. facebook, g+, linkedin, twitter etc. She was also amazed at the power of social media. The instant connectivity through hangout, whats app, skype etc. using smart phones made the concept of Global Village evolve into Global Home. I could see a child-like curiosity in mumma’s eyes to understand these in detail and that is when I decided to gift her with an Android Smart phone on her birthday in the month of October, 2015. This was her first touch phone as well.

Mumma was extremely delighted as well as nervous on how to use her latest prized possession. I got her sim upgraded to 4G. Downloaded the applications viz. Whats app, Google Hangout and Facebook (created a new facebook account for her). With every new additions, I was able to experience her joy in learning new things and using the same. The very first whats app message she sent to me was: “Hello, my beautiful daughter”. I was amidst some work commitments, when her message popped up in my mobile, which left me with a smile on my face.

Along with the regular features, I also explained to her certain interesting features which she could use. She also enjoys using youtube, google now, reading news. One interesting incident which happened was that she wanted to use GPS in her mobile, so, she just fed a destination place 2 kms away from our home, and she chose to walk her very much familiar path with GPS ‘on’. She enjoyed the ‘left’, ‘right’ of the GPS.  

Just to educate her, I also explained to her in regard to the her smartphone and its technology. I added the following information as well:
Android: An open-source operating system used for smartphones and tablets.
4G: A mobile communications standard allowing wireless internet access at a great speed
Octa core: It denotes the number of processor cores in a CPU, in octa core,the number is eight.

My mumma is indeed getting comfortable with the usage of her Android smartphone. Recently I asked her to sum up her experience, and that is when she saw the advertisement of Micromax and got struck with its punchline and she says: “Nothing like Anything”.

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