Sunday, March 29, 2015

Review of Ennum Eppozhum (എന്നും എപ്പൊഴും), a Malayalam Movie

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Cast: Mohanlal (Vineeth N Pillai), Manju Warrier (Deepa), Innocent (Kariachan), Renji Panickar (CEO of GM Builders), Reenu Mathews (Kalyani), Lena (Farah), Jacob Gregory (Maathan), Usha S Karunagapally (Rosy – Kariachan’s wife), Kalpana (Bindhu Nainan), Minon (Ganapathy), Baby Adhvaitha (Miya, Deepa’s daughter), Kochouseph Chittilappilly (playing himself), Santosh Keexhaattoor, Dileesh Pothen, Sreekutty Ramesh, Kozhikode Sarda, Ajith
Genre: Family Drama
Directed by: Satyan Anthikad
Produced by: Antony Perumbavoor
Screenplay by: Ranjan Pramod
Music by: Vidyasagar
Cinematography: Neil D’Cunha
Edited by: K Rajagopal
Distributed by: Maxlab Entertainment (Kerala), Four Brother’s Release (India), MAS Film and Entertainment Limited (Europe), Achu & Achu’s Creations (Australia, New Zealand & Singapore), Aashirvad UK (Rest of the World)
Release date: 27th March, 2015
Duration: 2 hours 29 minutes
Language: Malayalam

Ennum Eppozhum (എന്നും എപ്പൊഴും) – Satyan Anthikad film. A great thought provoking title with terrific pairing of Mohanlal and Manju Warrier, who are coming together after a gap of seventeen years (Kanmadam, Summer in Bethlehem), the plot could have been explored in a much better manner. Rather the plot seems to be under-developed. A few sub-plots are also introduced in the movie without a proper beginning and a proper end. The focus of the movie shifts gears from the main theme to the sub-plots in between. As a spectator, I did feel initially that these sub-plots might be relevant to justify the title ‘Ennum Eppozhum’, but it did not turn out to be so. Ennum Eppozhum superficially touches so many issues: land mafia, corruption at the top level of justice, journalism ethics, relationship conflicts, women empowerment etc. but fails to focus on these in a concrete manner. Humour at the sake of frivolous dialogues reduces the gravity of the plot. But ultimately, Ennum Eppozhum summarizes (justifies its title) which is all about standing up for what is right as per one’s own conscience and it definitely gives a very positive end.

The movie begins with Vineeth N Pillai’s (Mohanlal) narration. He is a Senior Correspondent working with women’s magazine Vanitha Ratnam. In spite of being a procrastinator, he is able to hold on to his job due to his late mother’s rapport with the top boss of the magazine. Initial narrations project how people are leading monotonous lives – same morning chores, taking same route, going to same office, boarding same bus etc. These give us cue in regard to Vineeth’s boredom with non-challenging assignments. Vineeth displays a very casual approach to his work, ends up reaching late for his office / meetings etc. He is warned many times by his management. Vineeth’s challenges increase when a new Editor-in Chief Kalyani (Reenu Mathews) joins the organization. Kalyani feels that complete revamping of the organization is required and fresh minds have to be brought in and those employees who are not good need to be chucked out. Kalyani finds Vineeth’s  casual approach towards work very irritating. She throws a challenge in front of Vineeth to do a cover story for Vanita Ratnam’s special edition. Kalyani wants Vineeth to interview Deepa (Manju Warrier), a family court advocate who hits the news headlines due to brave fight which she picks up with the authorities after she falls in a pothole while travelling by the scooty. It was not easy to get to Deepa, who is extremely engaged with her parenting Miya (Baby Adhvaitha), as well as with her work and social commitments. Vineeth’s entry strategies to get an interview from Deepa fail but he pursues consistently. These definitely land him in unexpected situations.

How does Vineeth manage to get an interview of Deepa for the cover story? How does the relationship between Vineeth and Kalyani evolve? I am confused with the way this relationship is handled in the movie.

Lot of sub-plots emerge in the background. Lena portrays the character of Farah, Deepa’s friend, who runs a boutique. Innocent as Kariachan (a retired postmaster), and his wife Rosy (Usha S Karunagapally) play the role of guardian angel neighbour of Deepa. Although most of the verbal tiffs between Vineeth and Kariachan, Vineeth and Maathan – Vineeth’s room mate cum assistant (Jacob Gregory) get a bit overboard at times, but some moments do add to the humour quotient of the movie. Young Minon’s (Ganapathy) advice to Vineeth to woo a girlfriend is hilarious.

We have seen this Mohanlal many times on screen. It is great to see Mohanlal and Manju together on screen. I loved the frames where Manju stands unperturbed when she is threatened by mafia or her non-submission to wrong elements of the society or her standing firm even amidst crisis.  

This movie is moderately paced. Songs don’t detract the attention, rather it flows in rhythmic pattern in the background of the story. Songs support the touch of unexpressed love projected in the movie.   

Highlight of the Movie: Effortless dance performance by Manju Warrier. A visual delight indeed. Another moment where Lena interacts with Manju in regard to her fascination for travel. She says that how scenes move in front of us when we travel. She adds to it by saying that let us atleast try to be happy, appear to be happy. Scenes would change and a day will come, when we will really be happy.

Ennum Eppozhum, a plot / cast with tremendous scope, although went a bit awry, still a delight to watch for Mohanlal and Manju. Watch it, you would walk out of theater in a happy mood.

Rating : 3 / 5 (Good)