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24 X 7 of Happiness

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“Happiness is anything that brings a smile to your face” – I completely resonate with this statement. It is actually an emotional state of well-being. It is the mental framework which we adopt. Today, when I have sat down to write about what happiness mean to me, I feel, every moment of life can bring a lot of happiness to us. It is all about how we perceive our lives. It may not be possible to have the best of everything in life, but are we able to be happy and grateful of what we have in our lives? People often ask me, how one can be happy amidst tough situations. I say, it is not easy, but it becomes definitely easier to be happy by looking at the brighter side of life.

Offlate I watched a movie called “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” (my review is at In this movie, if somebody is in search of a soul-mate, somebody else is search of true love, the lead protagonist wants to achieve a lot through his profession, somebody wants to decide between the two relationship to make a permanent tie with one of them… the list goes on, but the ultimate thing is that everybody is in pursuit of happiness. Aren't we also like that in real life.

But the tragedy is we don’t know, what would fetch us happiness. Either we are dependent on others to fetch us happiness or we are escaping from the negativities of lives so as to get pseudo-happiness.

I believe that my happiness is definitely dependent on so many factors but the basic fact is whether I am able to feel the happiness within. Do I look outside for reasons to be happy or do I look within for reasons of happiness ? How can I keep my people, near and dear ones happy, if I can not keep myself happy. I feel, it is very important to feel the happiness from within, then only I can spread happiness in and around. Happiness is one attribute, the more we share, more we get.

What are the sources of my happiness? Let me share with you my 24 X 7 of Happiness (please ignore the order of listing).

Being Alive: Morning when I get up, I get that first breeze of happiness: “Thank God, I am alive and have another day in my hand.” The very thought of being alive gives me tremendous energy.

With Mumma - My biggest critic
My Family: Just having meals with family gives me a feeling of satisfaction and happiness. When I come back home after work, I find Mumma waiting for me eagerly to understand how my day had been, gives lot of happiness. When I just sit with her at the end of the day to interact with her and listen to her, It just feels so nice. She is a big critic of mine who keeps me grounded.

When I Skype every night with dearest brother and family, who are in USA, it adds so much to my happiness. I am so much emotionally dependent on my family. Today’s digital media revolution helps me not to feel the distance and interact with brother and family, be it through Skype, Google hangout etc. it just gives me so much emotional security. 

My Jaan (life): My dear brother, bhabhi, nephew and niece
From India, through digital media, I have seen my lovely nephew and niece growing up. The distance is never felt. I feel so happy. When they visit India, just spending time with them, hang out for movies, Golgappes, Chaat, Jelebis etc. makes me so happy. Thank God, my family is my emotional anchor.

Life would be boring without you all dear friends 
My Friends: I might not be able to sit physically with my close friends always, but whenever we catch up through any form of media, it gives loads and loads of happiness. Friends are so much part of life, with whom we can cry, laugh, and also not shy away from being emotionally vulnerable. When we get together, we begin from where we stopped. Life gets much more beautiful with them.

Being Healthy: I head for my gym / swimming and the weighing scale shows 0.5 kg less weight, it brings a smile on my face. Wow, my effort to keep fit has worked (this is a typical female thought, isn’t it). I am sure, this brought smile to your face. Oh yes, I understand that, I am far from my goal, but yes, the very thought to keep fit gives me happiness.

My Profession: What a wonderful thing to speak about life! As a trainer, when I interact with people, there are lot many happenings which give me immense happiness. I get an opportunity to strike the right chord with strangers. 

Snapshots of Training - Where I end up living my life...
A complete stranger group turns out to be good acquaintance as the session moves further. When I am able to convert the cautious affiliation seen in the eyes of the people into getting to curious mode to know more, learn more, makes me happy. When I am able to give a reason to think to the participants in the programme, that makes me happy. When at the end of the programme, participants share their emotions, I feel happy.

Having a business partner who shares my vision of running an ethical organization also adds to my happiness.

My Interests: Being a movie buff, I wait for a Friday to catch up with the movies. Rather I actually look forward for good movies to release.

My Blog: Blog is one of the best thing which has happened in my life. I have been a blogger of movie reviews since last 14 months. Watching a movie and reviewing it, and expressing my viewpoints through my blog and ultimately when I get likes, comments from my friends and networks, it gives me immense happiness.

Blog has given me lot of space to express myself, network with fellow bloggers, could strike chord with so many of them, and got so many good friends, whom I haven’t met in real life but know them so well through their wonderful works. This gives me so much happiness.

Feel absolutely blessed to get the attention of so many people from different walks of life for my blog – actors, singers, filmmakers, writers, friends… My blog changed my world positively and the space where I used to be. Blog has fetched me so much of happiness.

My Sleep: When I am able to catch a good sleep as soon as I hit bed, this gives me lot of happiness and energy to look forward to another morning, and also hope to correct my mistakes.

Probably I can go on and on, since this simple word happiness has such a deeper meaning. Still, let me sum up, happiness is not the absence of Sorrow, but happiness is a state of mind, which gives me courage to get over the negative situations in a positive manner.  I can just look up to God and thank Him for giving me such a blissful life. Thank you God!!!

Dedicated to all of you, you all matter to me so much - my source of happiness (Just incorporated your images, not the names). I just want to bring lot of smiles to all of you my dear ones through this post. Did I make you happy???

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