Saturday, March 21, 2015

Review of 100 Days of Love

Cast: Dulquer Salmaan (Balan K Nair aka BKN), Nithya Menon (Sheela), Shekhar Menon (Ummar), Praveena (Adoor Pankajam), Vineeth (S.P. Pillai), Rahul Madhav (Rahul), Aju Varghese (Romanch)
Directed by: Jenuse Mohamed
Produced by: K.V. Vijayakumar
Written by: Jenuse Mohamed
Music by: Songs - Govind Menon; Background Score - Bijibal
Cinematography: Pratheesh Varam
Edited by: Sandeep Kumar
Distributed by: Tricolor Entertainment, Aan Mega Media, Indian Movies UK (Europe), USA Indian Movies (USA and Canada)
Release date: 20th March, 2015
Language: Malayalam
Duration: 2 hours 35 minutes

100 Days of Love is a sweet romantic movie with Dulquer Salmaan and Nithya Menon in the lead. Directed and written by Jenuse Mohamed (popular filmmaker Kamal's son). Set in Bangalore, it speaks about modern-day love relationship, infatuations, social-media make-up or break-up, marriage just turning out to be a set-up of security, so-called stability and conveniences, taking a practical approach etc. It is true that the movie is not projecting any new story, but is definitely able to hold the attention of the audience with light-hearted moments, subtle humour. Although occasional drag is felt due to moderate pace of the movie, it never gets boring. The best part of the movie is that characters are not over the top, rather all of them are so much believable in nature. It does not have the roller-coaster of emotions; rather a very soft take is taken on matters of heart. Names of the protagonists are interestingly chosen and it does add humour in the dialogues.

Movie begins with the narration of the story of 100 days of love by BKN aka Balan K Nair (Dulquer Salmaan). He is from an affluent family (family is settled in Dubai), but he chooses to be in Bangalore to pursue his career on his own. He is a columnist and feature writer in a national daily and also aspires to be a cartoonist. He is passionate about designing comic / cartoon strips and getting the same published. Balan is in a recovery phase after a painful break-up. He has challenges in the professional front as well since he is shown the door after having a fight with one of his superior. His enemy number 2 (he has an enemy at number 1 position as well, but I am not revealing the same, want to keep it as a suspense)  Romanch (Aju Varghese), though less talented than Balan, scores over him and gets confirmed in the organization. The exchange between Balan and Romanch is hilarious where Romanch sympathizes with him and also offers him some food vouchers so as to humiliate him. 

Balan stays with his friend Ummar (Shekhar Menon), a gamer. Their interactions are also very interesting.

The 100 days of love begins when Balan happens to meet Sheela (Nithya Menon) coincidently in a rainy night when both of them happen to take the same taxi. Balan feels an instant connect with her. She leaves her camera in the taxi itself. Balan takes it home along with him with a hope of finding her and returning the camera. Balan gets amazed to see her age-old handheld camera which had a roll with a capacity to click 12 photographs only. Balan feels for Sheela but is troubled since he is not aware of her whereabouts.

Ummar suggests Balan to get the film roll washed and developed, which could probably give them clues about her whereabouts. The search begins to identify a college chemical laboratory, a garden, a theater, a cafe etc. seen in the photograph. They get disappointed with their failed search attempts. Once again, coincidence happens and Balan comes face to face with Sheela.

All that Balan fancied was to convey to Sheela 'I love you' on meeting her, but when they meet, is he able to actually say these three magical words to her? Do they fall in love? What is Sheela's take on love? Did she feel the need to fall in love at all? How does the climax shape up? Watch the movie.

Dulquer and Nithya form a wonderful pair in the movie. Shekhar Menon is superb with his comic timings. Rahul Madhav justifies his character very well, am not revealing anything about this character. Aju as always generates a lot of laughter through his cameo. Vineeth and Praveena play Nithya's parents. I was surprised to see Vineeth playing father to Nithya, but he was convincing. Praveena had a limited role to play.

A beautiful moment which I want to make a special mention: When Balan interacts with Sheela and asks her whether she wants to be original or just live life without accepting the realities of life.

Suggest you to watch this soft and sweet movie.

100 days of love is a sweet  movie celebrating Life and Romance.

Rating : 3.5 / 5 (Good +)