Sunday, February 1, 2015

Soulmate may not be life mate but definitely emotional anchor

This is a very interesting question. That is why, I chose to respond to this and created a special tab in my blog (which is absolutely a movie blog) – Miscellaneous Topics, under which I thought I can atleast express my views.

I happened to read a few books by Dr. Brian Weiss’ : ‘Same Soul, Many Bodies’, ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’, ‘Only Love is Real’. I was personally touched by the whole concept of “Souls move in families”. Dr. Brian Weiss says that our soulmate may not be necessarily our life mate. But in our life, we do come across our soul mates, some of us recognize them and some of us don’t. It also happens that by the time I realize that a particular person is my soul mate, I would have delayed the whole process since by that time, the other person might have got married and settled down in his life with family and kids.

Let me now come to what I feel about this. I do believe that every soul born on this earth has a soulmate. Some of us are lucky who have recognized the soulmate and have settled down with the soulmates. But, otherwise also, there is no need of any despair. Our soulmate is near us, related to us in some way or the other. He / she could be our best friend, or the person upon whom we depend emotionally a lot. May be, situations would not be favorable for being life-mates, but certainly, there would be strong connect with the concerned. We would definitely cross paths with our soulmates in our lives at some point or the other.

Soulmate may not be my life mate, but he / she could be great emotional anchor of my life.