Monday, February 9, 2015

Journey from Global Village to Global Home

Social Media on Mobile Vs Web – How has it impacted your life?”

I still remember, it was my birthday and I had a special gift from my brother Vinod – a Smart Phone. He inserted my SIM into new mobile and also got activated 3G. And just for fun, I installed facebook, linkedin app and also activated my g+ account. All of a sudden, these accounts which already existed but were passive in nature since years smiled at my smart phone’s screen, since I took care of them for the first time (the way, it was supposed to be done) and made them active. I just started browsing my facebook and there was a friend request (atleast 3 months old) from my college friend (after a period of 20 years). I accepted her friend request, and oh my god, there were a plethora of friend requests from my college friends. I went on accepting those requests one after another and within 4 hours, my friend list had increased from 11 to 101. Oops! I was so very happy to find all those friends whom I always missed all these years and didn’t know how to reestablish contacts. This birthday turned out to be very very special for me. I used to open facebook or linkedin on laptop / PC occasionally, but  all these various social medias on mobile made my social networking also mobile – prompt and regular.

Social Media in itself was a revolution for networking, but this networking strengthened further with the advent of smart phones and 2G, 3G, 4G...

Today, Social Media on mobile has become so much part of my life. I not only connect with my friends regularly, but I have found so many new friends with whom I share common interests and connect with them frequently. We interact about our profession, our passion, our blogs, even our wild eccentricities. Instant responses and interactions have transformed the concept of Global Village to Global Home. Who can even feel remotely loner in this era of networking revolution at its peak?

Social Media on Mobile Vs. Web for me:

पहले हम वक्त निकालकर  मिला करते थे
फिर  हम वक्त चुराकर मिला करते थे
अब आप हमारे साथ हैं 
अत:  न  वक्त निकालने की जरूरत, न वक्त चुराने  की जरूरत
आपके साथ का यह अहसास अब मेरी साँस है
मेरे जीने की आस है  ।

“I am participating in the #SMWBangalore activity at BlogAdda in association with Social Media Week Bangalore“.

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