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The Smart Truck in the Smart Era

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Truck is a major means of transport. Every day, trucks carry goods from one part of our country to another, giving us conveniences. When the whole world these days has grown to be smart in every field, be it in terms of communication, telecom, infrastructure support, factories, manufacturing, logistics, how can trucks be behind. And even the need to preserve our environment, to keep it safe, we need smart trucks.

When I sat back to write this post on smart truck, I remembered my plight when I was relocating to Delhi from Jamshedpur. The household goods were packed well and loaded into the container a week before our travel to Delhi. We were assured that the goods would reach Delhi by the time we reach there. But to our dismay, the truck with goods did not reach even after our arrival in the city. On enquiring with the logistic company, which was taking care of this, we came to understand that the truck had very unexpected and unlikely breakdown. The authorities were not able to tell us that how much time, it would further take for the vehicle to be repaired. They were also trying to do an alternate arrangement for offloading the goods into another vehicle and send to us. But either of the process could have taken minimum 7-8 days. Relocating to a new city and not knowing anyone made this delay a bit painful. Managing to be in the new place and settling for the initial few days without having the basic necessary goods made the days a bit tough. Took a sigh of relief on receiving the goods after a week’s time. This could have very well been avoided if the breakdown of the truck could have been taken care off.

Recently, when I got an opportunity to be part of the launch of Mahindra’s Smart Truck BLAZO during recently concluded Auto Expo 2016, the statement from the authorities regarding the service guarantee seemed so much of value proposition: “Get back on road in 48 hours, or get Rs. 1000/- a day”. This statement really shows the confidence of the brand Mahindra and it indeed is a great service promise. Mahindra says that in the unlikely event of a breakdown, they claim to get the truck working in 48 hours or they will pay Rs. 1000 per day till the truck is back on road. On being asked Mr. Nalin Mehta (MD & CEO, M & M Trucks & Bus Division) that why a brand like Mahindra need to give such a strong service guarantee, he said that it marks how confident they are as a brand and they promise to deliver these guarantees to their customers.

I feel, this service guarantee is a great commitment from the brand to its consumers. We can feel safe that our goods will be taken care off and also we can be sure that delivery commitment made by the logistics company can be fulfilled with the support of the truck manufacturers. Since trucks ply on roads for longer durations, such service guarantees come as bliss and that is what Mahindra has come forward with the recently launched BLAZO range, India’s first Smart Truck. These smart trucks are supposed to have lesser breakdowns and in case of unlikely breakdowns, the brand promises service guarantee at the breakdown point.

Now the question arises, how these smart trucks are going to be different from the regular trucks which we see on road (Information courtesy:  and a few of these details are also mentioned in my post “Mahindra BLAZO: India’s First Smart truck” -

Smart look: Ah! This is so important. Gone are the days, when we would see the regular conventional looking trucks on road. Mahindra’s smart trucks are designed in bright colours which are indeed giving the trucks very smart look.

Ergonomics: This is such an important factor from the perspectives of the drivers. Often, truck drivers need to go for long-distance travels, and so, driving comfort becomes a major parameter. Mahindra’s smart truck does assure of more safety and more comforts. The 4-point suspended cabin truly enhances driving comfort. The controls are ergonomically located to reduce effort within the cabin. 4-vent AC system along with factory-fitted fans ensures cool comfort at all times. The tilt and telescopic steering allows drivers to adjust the steering to the drivers’ convenience.

Avoid accidents: A Wide windshield and large rear view mirrors provide greater visibility to the drivers. Indeed, Mahindra’s smart trucks have this feature. The anti-lock braking systems ensure greater braking control even at higher speeds.

Timely Maintenance: Being a heavy duty vehicle, the trucks do demand maintenance as well. How good it would be if the drivers get the critical information in real time and that is what Mahindra’s smart truck promises through its Driver-Information System (DIS), which would give critical information to the driver in real time. Apart from the engine RPM, temperature, speed and fuel levels, it has tyre pressure, trip kilometer, diesel consumption per kilometer, battery voltage, service reminders and other important details.

Better Mileage: Mostly trucks carry goods for long distance, and it plies on all types of roads. It at times runs with full load and at times without any load. FuelSmart switches of Mahindra’s smart truck is automotive technology at its best. The FuelSmart switches lets you choose between superior mileage and unmatched power as and when your business demands. Turn on the ‘Heavy /mode’ when carrying full loads. Use the ‘Turbo Mode’ when transporting big loads over steep inclines. Or simply switch on the ‘Light Mode’ when running without load. Each mode squeezes the maximum efficiency from the mPower Fuel smart engine and gives you unbeatable mileage.

Better Turnaround Times: Mahindra BLAZO is a smart truck built for safe, fatigue-free driving which means fewer stoppages by drivers, more distance covered in less time and improved turnaround times.  

I am sure these smart trucks are going to evolve further during the coming years to give more conveniences to its users as well as consumers.

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Mahindra’s recently launched Smart truck and an engineering marvel BLAZO appears to be in sync with their punchline for this range: The Smart Truck with a Solid Guarantee.