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Mahindra BLAZO: India’s First Smart Truck

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It was a great delight to receive an invite from BlogAdda to attend the launch of Mahindra BLAZO, India’s first Smart truck. The launch was on 4th February, 2016 at Auto Expo 2016. I was even more excited because, I had never visited an Auto Expo earlier. I was really keen to witness the launch as well as to explore how an Auto Expo is organized. Newspaper reports in the past have always highlighted the magnitude of this event, and also in regard to how it is a great platform for the automobile companies to showcase their vehicles.

When I reached the Auto Expo 2016 at Greater Noida, I was very much amazed with the way things were organized. Sufficient parking space with proper boards made the task easy. To my surprise, frequent shuttle services were arranged for going to the venue. I could experience the positive Moments of Truth right from my parking the vehicle to mine reaching Gate No. 10 of the Auto Expo.

Me at the gate

I went straight to the section which was showcasing the vehicles of Mahindra and Mahindra. The whole environment was full of energy. Another reason of my excitement was that I was going to meet a great leader like Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra and Mahindra.

I am waiting for the launch 
After unveiling SUV, Sports Car, Commercial vehicle, now it was the turn of Mahindra BLAZO to be launched. Four officials - Mr. Anand Mahindra (Chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra), Mr. Nalin Mehta (MD & CEO, M & M Trucks & Bus Division), Mr. PK Goenka, (President of Automotive and Farm Equipment Sectors of Mahindra), Mr. Rajan Wadhera (President, Truck & Powertrain Division, Head Mahindra Research Valley) were on the dais to unveil India’s Smart Truck which was behind a green cover.

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Mr. Anand Mahindra said: Mahindra is constantly striving to push the boundaries of technology and innovation while developing new mobility solutions for a rapidly evolving world.

Mr. PK Goenka said: “Our truck and bus business has been growing steadily and is taking full advantage of the buoyancy in the HCV segment. We are confident that new BLAZO HCV range will further enhance our position in the market by significantly improving the customer value proposition”.

Mr. Rajan Wadhera, speaking at the occasion said: “It is a proud moment for us as we unveil the BLAZO range today. Together with the unheard of mileage and service guarantees which we have announced, I am sure that we will continue to innovate to provide better value to our customers. At the core of the mileage guarantee that we are offering for the BLAZO series of trucks is the Fuelsmart Technology of our MPower CRDE Engine. In commercial vehicles, there is a challenge to provide a single solution of engine and vehicle power-train configuration to multiple applications and variants. The fuelsmart technology with its multi-mode switches, will help drivers into choosing correct mode based on load and road conditions, thereby leading to efficiencies”.

Mr. Nalin Mehta said: “Our mileage guarantee is a clear vindication of our engineering excellence and our resolve to provide better value proposition to customers. The service guarantee is the outcome of our strong focus on after-sales network by leveraging group synergies and organic growth in the service touch points and spares retailer network. Continuous product innovation and customer centricity is at the core of Mahindra Truck and Bus Division which has made these guarantees possible.

He further added, “We have aggressive marketing plans to promote the new BLAZO series. Besides bringing in the new technology, we have even refreshed the looks of the new series and are introducing the new turquoise blue colour variant. Also, given the sincere confidence that the brand exudes, we have chosen the suave, dashing, macho, popular and well renowned Bollywood actor, Ajay Devgn to be the face of our new campaign featuring the product and service guarantees.”

Finally the moment arrived, the New Mahindra BLAZO was unveiled amidst the flashlights and cracker lights. I managed to capture the glimpse of this engineering marvel of Mahindra Truck and Bus Division on my mobile. 

                                                                 Video of the launch made using my mobile

                                                       Images of the launch : Clicked using my mobile

                                                A few close-ups : Clicked using my mobile

                                                     Me with the Vibrant BLAZO : Clicked using my mobile

After the launch, media professionals and we as bloggers had the opportunity to interact with these senior officials. To be honest, I was so fascinated with the look of this new Mahindra BLAZO that, I had no questions to ask. Still, I along with my blogger friends Thomas Mathews, Dev and Brig Ravi had interactions with Mr. Nalin Mehta. These interactions gave a good amount of knowledge about the special features and value propositions which BLAZO is offering customers. 

                                                             Images : Clicked using Dev's mobile

Features of Mahindra BLAZO (Information collated from the brochure of Mahindra BLAZO, and through the interactions with Mr. Nalin Mehta)

Variants: The BLAZO range comprises of tippers and trucks starting from 25 tonne till the range-topping 49-tonne variants.

FuelSmart BLAZO:Get more mileage or give the Truck back”. What a confidence! Yes, the new Mahindra BLAZO brings smart new technology to Indian Transport: FuelSmart. Presented in the form of the three switches, this technology would give unbeatable mileage without compromising on power’. Mahindra: ‘We are not just saying it. We are actually giving you a rock solid guarantee. Mahindra BLAZO will give you more mileage than your current truck or you can actually return it. It is a guarantee that has never been given before.’ It indeed reflects Mahindra’s confidence in its new range of trucks.

mPower Engine of BLAZO – The heart of Smart: Its mPower FuelSmart engine with 7.2 L displacement has a large heart with immense reserve capacity for relentless outperformance for years to come. This engine, in combination with the multi-mode switches, delivers uncompromising performance. Giving mileage without shortchanging you, when you need power, pick up or pulling ability. At the same time, this engine cuts down on emissions to give you cleaner, greener running for years to come.

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FuelSmart Switches: FuelSmart is automotive technology at its best. The FuelSMart switches lets you choose between superior mileage and unmatched power as and when your business demands. Turn on the ‘Heavy Mode’ when carrying full loads. Use the ‘Turbo Mode’ when transporting big loads over steep inclines. Or simply switch on the ‘Light Mode’ when running without load. Each mode squeezes the maximum efficiency from the mPower FuelSmart engine and gives you unbeatable mileage. This is the FuelSmart advantage.

Service Guarantee: “Get Back on Road in 48 hours, or get Rs. 1000 a day”. Again another statement which projects so much of confidence. A great service promise like never before. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, Mahindra claims to get the truck working in 48 hours or they will pay Rs. 1000 per day till the truck is back on road.

                                           Video Courtesy: You Tube - Mahindra Truck & Bus BLAZO TVC

More Safety and More Comforts: The 4-point suspended cabin that truly enhances driving comfort. The controls that are ergonomically located to reduce effort within the cabin. 4-vent AC system along with factory-fitted fans ensure cool comfort at all times.

The tilt and telescopic steering allows drivers to adjust the steering to their convenience. A wide windshield and large rear view mirrors provide greater visibility. The anti-lock braking system ensures greater braking control even at higher speeds. Driver-Information System (DIS) gives critical information to the driver in real time. Apart from the engine RPM, temperature, speed and fuel levels, it has tyre pressure, trip kilometer, diesel consumption per kilometer, battery voltage, service reminders and other important details.

Mahindra BLAZO is smart truck built for safe, fatigue-free driving which means fewer stoppages by drivers, more distance covered in less time and improved turnaround times.

Lovely experience - Just sitting behind the wheels of BLAZO

On asked, why the need for such a strong guarantee proposition, Mr. Nalin Mehta said that it marks how confident they are as a brand and they promise to deliver these guarantees to their customers.

Mahindra’s Greenfield plant in Chakan is where BLAZO will be manufactured. Massive in scale, the Chakan plant, is also renowned for its attention to detail. The infrastructure has cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices, which make it a plant that is ready to give the world generations of outperforming vehicles. 

I tried my hand at reporting as well. Here are two samples of my videos.

                                                                 Video made using my mobile

                                                                Video made using my mobile

With these two videos, let me now wind up this post of mine. Thank you BlogAdda for giving me this wonderful experience.

Mahindra BLAZO, India's first Smart Truck assures great Product and Service Guarantees. Promises 'More Safety, More Comfort, More Trips, More Profits'. It is indeed going to be a game changer.