Saturday, August 29, 2015

My first Coffee Date

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Filter Coffee

A beautiful evening. It is raining outside. I am sitting in a famous coffee shop ‘Indian Coffee House’ in God’s own country. Purposefully I chose a seat which was near a window. It was such a pleasant green view outside. Coffee has been my favourite drink since many years. I love filter coffee a lot. I ordered for a glass of coffee and took my diary and a pencil in my hand. A perfect ambiance to write my first ‘WOW’ post. What am I thinking at the moment, wouldn’t it be a great thing to win my ‘WOW’ badge as a blogger. Let me think, what creativity I can bring to weave these three words: Writer, Coffee Shop and Broken Pencil.

Me - a Writer???

All of a sudden I found myself nostalgic. This was the same Indian Coffee House where I had come for my first Coffee Date. That evening was also very beautiful, same as today. I am still wondering, whether the happenings of that day were equally beautiful. Years have gone by but I hold vivid memories even today.

I remember, I was very excited since I had received a call from you that you were coming down to Kerala from Mumbai. We had always been great friends. We had not met after you moved from Kerala to Mumbai for your job a year back. Initially, we were in touch, but slowly the response from you had slowed down. I always missed you around. When you called and said that you have a surprise for me, and asked me to come to Indian Coffee House, I really got thrilled. I kept wondering whether you also feel for me the way I feel for you. I opened the cupboard of my hostel room to check the best dress which I could have worn for my first Coffee date. Out of the four salwar suits, I did not find any of them good enough to be worn for my coffee date with you. Then I checked my wallet. I had Rs. 250/- in it. I thought to explore the ‘Thursday Market’ which was quite famous, since on Thursdays, they used to have garments, bangles, make up items etc. along with vegetables at a very reasonable price. I decided to check my luck there, and luckily I got one beautiful pink suit for Rs. 125/-. You always gave me compliments whenever I wore pink. I could not sleep the whole night, since the next evening, I was supposed to meet you.

The day was pretty long, and finally I got ready, wore my new suit and reached the coffee shop “Indian Coffee House” much before the time. My heart beats were fast. I was going to meet you after a year. I had also decided to speak my heart out today. I was waiting eagerly for you.

Oh God, finally you came. My eyes were completely focused on you while you were entering the coffee house. You were looking handsome. You had a broad smile on your face. Was I blushing? Yes, of course.

Who was she? I saw that you were accompanied by a beautiful girl. My intuition told me that I have lost you to her, but I was not ready to believe it so soon. Both of you came and sat on my table. I had so many questions on my mind, but I put a brave front waiting for you to introduce the girl to me. Then I heard you saying: “Hey, this is my surprise to you. She is Suhaani, my fiancée. We are getting married next month”. You continued speaking but I hardly listened to you. But I didn’t forget to keep smiling although my heart was crying. I looked at Suhaani. She was extremely beautiful, perfect fit to her name. You were continuing your talk about how you met Suhaani through one of your relatives and then the families arranged for the wedding. And today, you wanted her to meet me, your ‘best’ friend. Suhaani also seemed excited to meet me. Meanwhile you even ordered for Coffee. Both of you kept speaking to me, asking me something or the other. I nodded for some, answered some… While I was sipping coffee along with you both, I also felt that my eyes were getting moist. I understood that I can’t hold back my tears for long. After finishing the coffee and just chit-chatting for a few more minutes, I took your leave giving the excuse of some urgent commitment.

Both of you came out to see me off. I took an auto-rickshaw. I shook hands with both of you wishing you the very best in life. Waived off good bye to you both. My auto-rickshaw moved. With moist eyes, I saw you both going back to Indian Coffee House holding hands of each other, cracking jokes. You both were so happy together. I was feeling lot of pain inside. I felt the anguish of not expressing to you earlier in regard to my feelings for you. I assumed that you understood my feelings. Alas! I was only your ‘best friend’, never more than that. And here I was dreaming a life with you. A great lump in my throat. Tears were rolling down my cheeks.

Broken Pencil

The warmth of the tears brought me back from the memory lane. 15 years have gone by. Here, I am sitting again in this Indian Coffee House, coincidentally, I have chosen the same seat. I am sitting alone in front of the brewing coffee. AH! Enjoying the smell of filter coffee. As a blogger, people at times call me a writer. But I think, I just pour my heart out in my writings, and that is what I have done today also. Sharing my first Coffee Date with you all, sitting in this coffee shop, with a broken pencil in my hand weaving the story of my life. I took the sharpener to sharpen the pencil- an effort to mend my broken heart.  

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