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The Steel-Willed Arunima Sinha

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Every individual is a story himself / herself. It is important to introspect regarding what story we tell ourselves and also what story we want to tell the world. This is what came to my mind, when I opened the link I went through all the stories featured here. Every story is unique in itself. Every individual featured deserves to be on this page. If some have selflessly served others, some others have become a great source of inspiration to others by being a role model. Some have achieved ‘the impossible’ in their lives through their consistent efforts; others have strong determinations to fulfill their visions. It was difficult to pick up one story, which inspired me most since, I got goose bumps while going through most of them.

Still, if you ask me to pick up one story, which inspired me most, then it is of Arunima Sinha. She is an epitome of strength, courage, free will, independent thinking and determination, rather in one phrase, Arunima has will of steel. While I was trying to understand her story, I remembered the dialogue from a Malayalam Movie (year 2014): Make the lowest point of your life as the starting point of a new chapter. You will be amazed to understand the steel-willed Arunima’s story.

Little did Arunima Sinha (Born 1988) know when she boarded the train on 11th April, 2011 from Lucknow, that it would change her life for ever. She was a national volleyball and football player at that time and she was going to take an examination to join the CISF. She was pushed out of the general coach of the train by thieves wanting to snatch her bag and gold chain. going It was year 2011, when Arunima was travelling by a train and a few thieves. In her own words "I resisted and they pushed me out of the train. I could not move. I remember seeing a train coming towards me. I tried getting up, but by then, the train had run over my leg. I do not remember anything after that. "The train crushed her leg below the knee. She was rushed to hospital with serious leg and pelvic injuries. Doctors had to amputate her leg below the knee to save her life. A rod had to be inserted inside her leg to provide support to the damaged limb.

Arunima says it was her "darkest hour". She says "I was shattered. Here was someone who was totally independent, and now I was dependent on others for support. Visitors who came to see me at the hospital showed sympathy. But then I decided to do something that would inspire others." She also says her family's support gave her immense confidence.

She was later provided with a prosthetic leg free of cost by a private Delhi-based Indian Company.

She says: "I decided to challenge myself with the toughest sport. And I chased my dream with passion."

Equipped with a prosthetic leg and an iron will, she decided to challenge herself with the toughest sport. She contacted Bachendri Pal (The first Indian woman to scale Mount Everest in 1984), as soon as she got the discharge from the hospital. Arunima underwent rigorous training under her for climbing the mountains.

Arunima says "I felt low when I could not catch up with other 'normal' able-bodied people. But I was determined to outpace them. And I did," she says.

It took her 52 days of torturous climbing on the snowy peaks to conquer Mount Everest (on 21st May, 2013). She turned her artificial leg into her strength. She had achieved what was unthinkable to many. She says: "When I reached the summit, I felt like screaming at the top of my voice. I wanted to tell the world, here I am. I have saved that moment within me." She further adds: "Actually my screaming did not last long. You see, I did not have much energy left. Had I been a painter, I would have tried to capture that image on a canvas. "

While descending also, she faced lot of challenges. But she like a steel-willed woman, thrived under all odd circumstances and emerged victorious and became the first amputee to climb Mount Everest.

Arunima has dedicated her achievement "to those who lose hope".

Later Arunima went to be the first female amputee to climb Mt. Kilamanjaro in Africa and Mt. Elbrus in Eurpoe. She is now busy with plans to open a sports academy for the poor and physically challenged children. She says: "I want to train these children so that they achieve their dream. This is my dream too," she says.

Arunima has also written a book "Born again on the mountain". She was even awarded with Padma Shri this year (2015), the fourth highest civilian award of India.

Arunima had a choice to be a victim of circumstances, but she rose to defy all odds. Steel-willed Arunima's story is an epitome of strength, who just turned her darkest hour experiences into the most brightest ones.

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I would like to sum up Arunima's story by a quotation: Experience is not what happens to you, but it is what you do with what happens to you.

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