Monday, May 30, 2016

Short Review of Fredrick

Image courtesy: Facebook page of Fredrick
Cast: Prashant Narayanan, Tulna Butalia, Avinash Dhyani
Directed by: Rajesh Butalia
Produced by: Manish Kalaria
Production Company: Evana Entertainment
Screenplay by: Rajesh Butalia
Music by: Sunjoy Bose
Cinematography: Anubhav Bansal, Devendra Golatakar, Harish Negi
Edited by: Sandeep Singh Bajeli
Release date: 27th  May, 2016
Language: Hindi
Duration: 2 hours 09 minutes

Fredrick, by Rajesh Butalia, tries to cover the story of a teenage boy Manav, and his growing to be an adult with complexities. Manav is being ridiculed and humiliated by his father, since he develops a relationship with another boy Fredrick of his age. Manav has feminine interests that of using lipsticks, bangles etc. Father loses his cool when he catches Manav sitting with Fredrick. And unfortunately, Fredrick gets killed when father tries to hit both Fredrick and Manav. Frames move to a decade later, where a suspended IB officer Vikram (Avinash Dhyani) is troubled since his sister has gone missing during her trip to Mussorie with her friends. His wife Amruta (Tulna Butalia) is also a police officer and she stands with Vikram in serach of his sister and they decide to go to Mussorie. They realize that a huge network of human trafficking is operating there. What follows thereafter is the search for Vikram’s sister and also to crack the nexus of human traffickers.

The plot had lot of potential. But the film’s screenplay is messy. The complexities of a teenage when not handled properly, gets deformed personality could have been explored in a much better manner. We have seen Prashant Narayanan in such a role and he is completely wasted in the film. Even the drug mafia, human trafficking aspects are also not handled properly.

Overall, Fredrick is below average, be it its screenplay, story, dialogues, acting, music etc. You can give a complete miss to this film.

Rating : 0 / 5 (No Rating)