Friday, October 3, 2014

Review : Haider

Haider is one of the best release of this year. Vishal Bhardwaj's adaptation on Shakespeare's Hamlet has highlighted Kashmir issue. Everything about this film is simply great. First of all let me talk about script. Well crafted script and screenplay. The dialogues depicting the plight of Kashmiris is surely going to touch hearts. What a tragedy! Kashmir is torn between India and Pakistan. They have to show ID cards every now and then in their own homeland. Whoever is doubted to be a militant or suspected of having even a remote connection with a militant is arrested, tortured, kept in cells, killed in encounters etc. Survey says, many people are missing in Kashmir. 

Haider - Shahid Kapoor's best film, comes home from Aligarh on learning about his family house being burnt, father missing. He gets shocked and depressed to find his mother (Tabu) in a singing-dancing mood with his Khurram Chacha (Kay Kay Menon). Haider is not ready to believe that his father is dead. He along with his love interest (Shraddha Kapoor) starts searching for his father in every camp, jail, cells but efforts are all in vain. Then comes Rudaar (Irfaan Khan) as messenger of Haider's father. The message brought by him shakes Haider.

What happens thereafter? Is Haider's father dead or alive? Was there any romantic angle between Kay Kay Menon and Tabu in the movie? What path Haider choose in his life? 

It is sad to see the challenges faced by Kashmiris every moment. So much of uncertainties and  unpredictability to be faced by the people.  

The song 'Bismil Bismil' is great.

Shahid is excellent, deserves a National award. Vishal Bhardwaj is to applauded for handling such a sensitive issue in such a subtle and empathetic manner. Tabu- what a delight to watch her on screen. Kay Kay Menon- as always - another great performance from him. Irfaan Khan - what a powerful entry, even though screen time is less. Shraddha Kapoor's performance is ok.

Haider may not be liked by you, if you are looking for fun element. It is a very intense movie. Go for it, if you love this genre and also to enjoy great performances.

Rating: 5 /5

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