Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hawaa Hawaai

Cast: Partho Gupte (Arjun Harishchandra Wagmare aka Raju), Saqib Saleem (Lucky sir aka Aniket Bharhava), Makrand Deshpande (Harishchandra Wagmare), Neha Joshi (Arjun’s mother), Anuj Sachdeva (Anirudh Bhargava), Ashfaque Bismillah Khan (Gochi), Maaman Memon (Abdul), Thirupathi N Kushnapelli (Murugan), Salman Chote Khan (Bhura), Pragya Yadav, Devraya Gole, Rekha Kamat, Sanjay Dadich, Hardik Raheja, Srishti Sharma, Manav Hirey, Zufin, Shardha Shripad Nabar, Saba Qureshi, Aaliya Qureshi, Solya Qureshi, Suman Arjun Mahaskar, Mahesh Kumar
Genre: Sports
Direction: Amole Gupte
Production: Amole Gupte
Written by: Amole Gupte
Editor: Deepa Bhatia
Studio: Amole Gupte Cinema
Distribution: Fox Star Studios
Release Date: 9th May, 2014
Language: Hindi
Duration: 2 hours
Hawaa Hawaai celebrates the triumph of an ordinary Dharavi boy who dared to dream, pursued his dream and became successful with his sheer determination, hard work, and persistence. Though the plot is absolutely predictable, what makes it a delight to watch is the simple yet sensitive and unexaggerated handling of the plot by Amole Gupte; group of ‘Pandavas’- five boys and their camaraderie; mentor-protégé  relationship; bonding between mother-son / two brothers etc. This movie has no dearth of optimism, positive energy, and undying achiever’s spirit.

Harishchandra Wagmare (Makrand Deshpande), a cotton farmer, gives a perfect start to the movie with lighting the diya and a great bhajan (explaining the Jeevan-saar i.e. meaning of life and challenges associated with life) along with his son Arjun Harishchandra Wagmare (Partho Gupte) on his side and a happy family in the background. These initial frames itself explained that the young protagonist Arjun’s life may not be easy.

Then the backdrop changes to Mumbai, where Arjun is trying to seek a job at a tea-stall. His mother (Neha Joshy) reluctantly allows him to work there. Destiny changed the course of his life that day, since in front of the tea stall, he got to see lot of children welcoming Lucky Sir aka Aniket Bharghava (Saqib Saleem, brother of actress Huma Qureshi), a skate coach. Aniket is in a wheel chair recovering from an accident. He is passionate about the sport and coaching lot of students and also preparing them for District Championship.   Arjun got fascinated with skating but found it a distant dream since skates were too costly to be afforded by him. When his group of other four friends (all children) – a mechanic Gochi (Ashfaque Bismillah Khan), Weaver  Abdul (Maaman Memon), Rag Picker Murugan (Thirupathi N Kushnapelli) and a Gajra (Mogra) seller Bhura (Salman Chote Khan) learn about Arjun’s dream, what they do next is actually to be seen. It is hilarious, when all five take leave for an hour from their respective employers to buy a skate with just Rs. 30/- since Gochi misunderstood 30K as just Rs. 30/-. Amole has spectacularly depicted the synergy of these boys where each one of them contributed to tailor made a skate- Hawaa Hawaai for Arjun (let me not reveal, how each one of them contributed).

But the path for Arjun was not easy. He turned out to be an Eklavya who learnt by watching Aniket’s coaching along with serving tea to the customers and practicing late night when everybody left. Still, Arjun was aware that he was far away from being a great skater.

How Arjun’s friends plan to get his talent showcased in front of the ‘Dronacharya’ – Aniket is another hilarious scene. How Aniket takes an extra mile to coach his new student ? How does Arjun manage with his full day (rather extended hours too) tea-stall job followed by skating practice?  Can Aniket groom Arjun to be a Champion? What happens to the District Championship? We know, Arjun will emerge as a winner at the end, but how his journey was toward the winning destination? Please watch the movie and enjoy the journey of Arjun.

What an effortless performance from Partho as Arjun! He seems to breath Arjun’s character, his pain, inner turmoil, passion to fulfill the dream… Rest of the cast Saqib as a skating coach, Neha as Arjun’s mother, Anuj as Aniket’s brother Anirudh, of-course Makrand Deshpande’s brief but lingering performance as Arjun’s father and all the kids are also very good.

Writer-Director Amole Gupte has effortlessly shown the suffering of the downtrodden and their struggles to live their lives in a very believable manner. The underlying pathos is shown in a subtle manner. He has touched upon the plight of the farmers. The heart-rending song ‘sapno ko ginte ginte’ captures varied glimpses of children engaged in different activities of life. On one side, a few children are going to school, having parental bliss, enjoying the home made food, and on another side, a few other children are trying to earn their living by rag-picking, selling mogras, weaving, working in the garage / tea-stall, their daily battle for survival etc. These contrasting lifestyle’s visuals are run side by side. The picturization of the song displays the divide between the privileged and the underprivileged / deprived lot of the children in the contemporary society. It is great to see how the kids find a way out even amidst darkness, dealing with the life’s struggles with a great sense of humour.

The moment where Aniket realizes that what he learnt from the positive spirits of these Pandavas has changed his life forever is very touching.

Dialogues by Gochi: “Humne nahi chuna ye jindagi, jahan laakar patka vahin se chal pade saab”, “agar school gaye to kya kitaab khayenge saab” moved me to tears. 

Amole has definitely been able to raise a few questions that, aren’t we as a society responsible to ensure the following :
  • Make basic education every child’s right
  • Wiping out child labour from the society
  • Identifying and nurturing the talents of every children

Hawaa Hawaai, a great delight to watch, would definitely reignite the passion in us to pursue our dreams.

Rating: 4 / 5 (Very Good)